Who We Are


The Return of the Helper is a call to women to come back to the place of their initial commission. It is God asking women to return to their primary calling as helpers and builders of destiny.  It is an assertion by the Spirit of God that in Him we all find ourselves and the fulfillment we seek.  ROTH is a call to return to our first love.


Our Vision is to raise an army of women; full of purpose and character, who are willing to stand in their calling to bring God’s dominion upon the earth. Scripture: Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18, Proverbs 14:1

The Return Of The Helper Conference is a faith-based annual international conference convened by Bidemi Mark-Mordi and Effectual Magazine. This is a conference for women of all strata of society to find a common platform to fellowship, dream, discover greatness and make impact together.

The ROTH Conference cuts across women of all ages, status and nationality. It is dedicated to impacting the lives of women across cultures and socio-economic statuses around the world. The mandate for ROTH is to empower minds, clarify visions and activate purpose.

It is our deepest and firmest belief that in the DNA of every woman is nestled a dream that must be birth for the greater good. We push the call that women are the 3rd billion and the world is waiting for us to manifest.

We know as a matter of fact that once women are empowered in their minds and spirits, they see more clearly and are inspired to step out to be all that they can be. ROTH is a conference for every woman who wants to respond to the pull in her spirit for MORE. We will be honoured to travel with you. Please join us for this edition.


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